UWC Congress 2016

In the last few months I have been part of the team preparing the UWC Congress, a major event that the NGO I work for organises every 3-4 years. The next one will be held in Trieste, Italy in the end of October. It's been a long process, but we are not at the finish line!

Apart from the logistics and organisational agenda, I've been designing the visual side of the Congress, including the main branding, website, social media, merchandise, program, etc. Some of the designs are based on the general brand guidelines of the movement (so that we can re-use them in the future), some have a specific look of the Congress (and can be a token of the event). Below are a few examples of the work I've been doing. I cannot wait to share it all soon!


Amnesty Leadership

In June I had an amazing opportunity to work as a contract freelancer for Amnesty International on their Leadership platform. By general idea and content were already created on another platform, but the team decided to re-design it and make it consistent with Amnesty International website.

Since it's a living platform and resource center for the governance members of Amnesty, I decided to work along Squarespace template and customise the html and css where necessary. This way we didn't have to cope the whole website, but only bits and pieces and the resource team will be able to easily upload new materials in the future.

I also created a simple graphic video introducing new users to the platform and the background of why it was produced. 

We are still working on the latest updates and language versions, since the platform is available in English, French and Spanish.

Now, This I Love

A few months ago, together with lovely Laone Oagile, I worked on the logo for her emerging business concept: Now, This I Love: "a global platform for emerging designers rooted in sustainability and giving back to the community. Our mission is to enable unique, independent designers to profit from their designs all while making a difference."

There was a lot of things to finalise ahead, but yesterday they finally released the platform (with over 1K Twitter followers in a day!) and hence I'm releasing my small contribution to it. Here is the final design and some variations on the logo during the process. Make sure to check the amazing project and follow these brave girls on their journey to make No, This I Love a huge success!


In the beginning of this year, I finished working on the logo for AfriLeaks, a secure whistleblowing platform, allowing to leak confidential documents of public interest.

We’ve got through a few rounds of sketches, type and color versions and in the end the platform was launched on the 13th of January 2015 (and so far gathered 1240 followers), with an introduction article in The Guardian that you can look up: "Wikileaks for Africa?”. Here are some process ideas and variations of the logo:



Media in Context Hackathon by Al Jazeera: newsclip.se

On the last weekend of November, I was one of 86 participants, selected and invited to Doha, Qatar to work on hackathon challenges under the theme Media in Context, organized by Al Jazeera. For 3 days, together with an amazing team of 6, we developed: NEWSCLIP.SE

Among such talented people, I was in charge of the overall design, starting with the logo, color palette and interface design, simple and easy to use by journalists. I was also following the steps of user journey so that we could create an intuitive experience. 

The project was awarded by Al Jazeera Media in Context Hackathon judges as "Greatest potential for use".

You can view the presentation video here:

"NEWSCLIP.SE supports the discovery and organization of journalistic information. As we search a variety of data sources for the subjects in your story, you efficiently conduct your research and share the materials with your newsroom.

The main idea behind the project was to build a workbench for reporters that provides similar time-saving tools to what an IDE (integrated development environment) gives to software developers.

The other guiding idea was "context cards." We wanted to atomize a reporters research into reusable cards that can be improved over time and re-used, thus quickly providing more context in the process of story development.

We're most proud of:

  • The overall user experience
  • How all of pieces interlock relatively seamlessly
  • The number of data sources we were able to integrate on a short timeline

Most of all, we're proud of the teamwork demonstrated over the last 48 hours. Not only the diversity of skills brought to the table, but the level of engagement, respect, mutual support, and hands-on contributions that made this project possible. In this respect, we've already won a great deal."

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 20.02.10.png

Created by these very talented people:

Eva Constantaras @EVACONSTANTARAS | Bruno Faviero @BFAVIERO | Heinze Havinga @HEINZEHAVINGA | Friedrich Lindenberg @PUDO | Phillip Smith | Kasia Dybek @KASIADYBEK


Master Thesis: OPENAid

In the past few months, I have been creating and developing a platform that came as a result of my master studies in Sustainable Design at Kingston University in London. Based on the research and my collaboration project with Sciences Po Paris students and Unicef, which I would publish soon too, I have been working on the platform that gathers successful NGO projects across disciplines, times and locations and facilitates effective work for the future based on the lessons learnt. After submitting the research and initial designs, I gave myself a few weeks of a break and now I'm looking at designs from a fresh perspective. I hope to continue work on the platform and release the final designs this year and then present the concept to a few organisations in order to build the beta version. 

Here To PLAY

This time I got to work with Here To to help creating a mini poster promoting their 2nd birthday and event: Play in a Day. I wanted to keep it bold, clean and colourful.